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To help make dental care accessible to all

As a 501c3, your donation to New Horizon is Tax-Deductible and goes directly towards helping patients get the life-changing care they need.

We work directly through Paypal Giving Fund to offer the simplest donation process with zero fees.

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A Charity You Can Believe In: Patient Spotlights

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Improving Care, Impacting Lives

  • Providing dental services to everyone struggling to afford dental care, including U.S. Veterans and victims of abuse and addiction 
  • Running a state-of-the-art learning facility with the goal of training, mentoring, and educating young dentists as they can acquire the practical, hands-on skills needed to elevate the quality of their services that 
  • Treating our patients with kindness, caring for our community, educating our Alumni, and inspiring within the Nonprofit Dental Sector for the benefit of the general population and Dental Health Professionals across the Country.
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“Genuine care from start to finish and follow up!”

- Roberto Sigmond

“Incredible staff. From the front desk to the assistant, to Dr. Epperson. Professional, funny, friendly & did a great job.”

- Mindy Hermann

New Horizon Dental Center is one of the best places I've ever been to. All of the staff are nice, friendly & very helpful."

- Brian Wharton



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Since 2018, New Horizon has carried out a mission to make high-quality dental care affordable and usher in a better world for healthcare professionals and the public alike.

New Horizon Dental Clinic help further the education of over 250+ Alumni of Implant Pathway. They earn certification in Dental Implants, real-world help to grow their practices, all while giving back to the community simultaneously.

Over these past few years, your donations and generosity have helped over 230+ patients; this would not be possible without you.

The over $600K in donated services allows our patients to improve their health, as well as their quality of life.

The success of the Implant Pathway alumni in private practices and within New Horizon itself is a testament to the real power of giving to a cause you can believe in.

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