New Horizon Dental Center.

The New Horizon Dental Center is a 501c3 federally designated non-profit dental clinic set up to take care of those that can’t afford private practice fees. The clinic takes insurance, Medicaid, Veterans benefits and for a select few that may qualify for grants made possible by private individuals and corporations these services may be at no cost however there is no guarantee of eligibility or availability of funds.

Dr. Justin D. Moody founded Implant Pathway, its mission is to help as many people receive the often life changing benefits of dental implants while training dentists from around the country to place dental implants. Through generous donations by individuals, corporations and implant pathways to New Horizons Institute hundreds of people have received dental implants and their smiles back, please consider donating today.

Mission Statement.

The New Horizon Dental Center was created in order to provide high quality dental care to those who struggle to afford it. We are a non-profit dental clinic located in Tempe, Arizona. Our goal is to provide dental services to everyone struggling to afford dental care including U.S. Veterans and victims of abuse and addiction, while also providing a state-of-the-art learning facility with the goal of training, mentoring and educating young dentists as they can acquire the practical, hands-on skills needed to elevate the quality of their services that will eventually benefit the general population of the United States as these doctors branch out within their industry.

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Board of Directors.

Justin D. Moody DDS

Justin D. Moody, DDS

Dr. Moody grew up on a ranch just outside Crawford Nebraska where his family has called home for 6 generations. Graduating from Crawford High School in 1989 and attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln studying Biological Sciences. In 1997 he graduated from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center college of Dentistry with his doctorate. While in dental school he was awarded the National Disaster Medical System Appreciation letter for his efforts during the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Teledyne Removable Prothedontic outstanding student award, the Oral Pathology outstanding student award and completed a mini residency in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry department.

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Randy Houska DDS

Randy Houska, DDS

Dr. Randy Houska was raised in Mitchell, SD on a small farm and received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology at the University of South Dakota. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Dentistry in 1989. His post-graduate plans took him to Vermillion, SD, where he has had a private practice since then. After 25 years of private practice, he found a new love of dentistry focusing on implant dentistry.

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Jack Morrison

Jack Morrison

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Lisa Moler

Lisa Moler

Over an entrepreneurial career that spans over three decades, Lisa has grown a reputation as one of the dynamic forces in the American publishing and marketing industry. She began by managing sales for various media outlets and represented iconic publication brands within the AZ Visitor industry, Phoenix Magazine, and then ABC affiliate, KTVK TV 3. She then went on to launch Doctor of Dentistry Arizona, which she successfully published for over six years. 13 years ago, Lisa’s love of the national dental industry began, and thus her dental marketing career ensued.

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